Brompton House Dental Practice

19 Needham Street, Bingham
Nottinghamshire, NG13 8AE



From the moment you walk through the door you have no doubt that the Brompton Dental Practice will deliver on every level. The reception staff are always very pleasant, approachable, and ensure that every visitor is put at ease with a warm and friendly welcome. My family and I have been patients for over 30 years and the dental care we have received has been exemplary and to the highest possible standard.

My Dentist is Ian Grindrod whose patience, commitment and courteous professionalism I cannot praise enough. I suspect that feeling relaxed in a Dentist’s chair doesn’t come naturally to most patient’s but Ian, skilfully assisted by Dental Nurse Charlotte, have an ability to make me feel relaxed whilst they work tirelessly to do whatever is necessary to address my gum disorder. Without Ian’s commitment to fighting further deterioration of my dental health, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have had to face the prospect of wearing a full set of dentures many years ago!

I live 30 miles away from the Brompton House Dental Practice and would happily travel even further to receive the top quality treatment I have become to rely upon from Ian and his team.

If visiting your dentist could ever be described as a pleasurable experience it’s as close as it gets for me at Brompton House.

Ian Dove

 I have been a patient of Brompton House for over ten years now and their service, cleanliness and dentistry has been exceptional.

Nobody likes going to the Dentist but Brompton House is as close to a pleasure as you can get!

Kevin Rice

Some 20 years of excellent service for all the family. Always friendly, efficient and effective treatment for routine work as well as prompt attention to emergency problems.

You are appreciated. Thank you to all.

Cliff Pettifor