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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental treatment allows us to repair teeth damaged by decay or trauma. It can be used to improve appearances by closing
spaces, repairing chips and masking discoloured or unsightly teeth.

White fillings. More correctly known as tooth coloured fillings as teeth are not always white! This can be an easy, less costly, less invasive way to restore broken or chipped teeth. Replacing metal fillings with tooth coloured ones is also one of the simplest ways of improving your appearance. Wherever possible we try to place tooth coloured fillings and a suitable material will be chosen in each case.

Crowns are a porcelain or metal cover for unsightly damaged teeth. Porcelain crowns are made to look as natural as possible to blend in with the rest of your teeth. Wherever possible all ceramic crowns and inlays are our restorations of choice.

Veneers provide a thin layer of porcelain that is then bonded to the tooth to mask discolouration and may be used to change the shape of teeth and close gaps with very little of the natural tooth being removed.

Bridges may be used to replace missing teeth using adjacent teeth as support. There are several different types of bridge and assessment is needed for suitability for this treatment.

Dentures in metal or acrylic are used to replace missing teeth. It is important that patients have their mouths fully assessed by a dentist before embarking on this type of treatment as gum condition and other dental problems may need to be rectified beforehand. Only dentists are qualified to make these assessments.

Implants are a titanium support placed in the bone where a tooth is missing. A crown can then be placed on the implant and this gives the appearance of a new tooth. This is complex work and we work alongside local specialists to get the best results possible for our patients.

We only use dental laboratories registered with the General Dental Council who make all our appliances to the highest standards.