Brompton House Dental Practice

19 Needham Street, Bingham
Nottinghamshire, NG13 8AE

New Patients

New Patients

New patients and their families are always warmly welcomed at Brompton House Dental Practice and we especially welcome those referred by other patients.

An initial consultation will last around 30 minutes which gives time to go over previous dental experiences and check any medical factors that may influence any future care. Then a thorough examination to assess all aspects of the oral environment. It is usually necessary to take radiographs(X rays) to aid in this assessment. These will be repeated over future years to see if there is any change.

Once we have gathered this information, a choice of  treatment options will be discussed and estimate of costs and number and time of appointments to complete these treatments will be given.

Oral Hygiene advice will be given along with dietary advice as a cornerstone to long term oral health.