Brompton House Dental Practice

19 Needham Street, Bingham
Nottinghamshire, NG13 8AE


Private Fee Guide 2022

TreatmentPrivate CareDenplan Care
Examination£49.00 (recall) £59.00 (new patient)Included
Scale and Polish£59.00 3/12 £79.00Included
X-Ray from£16.00Included
White Filling from£134.00 - £199.00 Depending on sizeIncluded
Extraction from£124.00 Depending on difficultyIncluded
Root Canal Treatment from£399.00 - £869.00 Depending on toothNot included if referred for RCT
Crowns from£550.00 - £869.00 Depending on typeLab fee only
Tooth Whitening£430.00£430.00
Dentures from£503.00Lab fee only
Full/Full dentures£1100.00N/A
Emergency call out fee£90.00First £20.00
Accident InsuranceN/AIncluded

Private fees are for guidance and will depend on the time and materials used. Denplan Care fees are determined by a Dental assessment and range from £19.08 to £43.18 per month. Denplan Essentials £10.84 to £18.77 per month.