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Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

We encourage children to attend the practice from birth. This allows them to consider that going to the dentist is part of normal life and anxiety never develops. Just by walking into our practice you will see that we do everything possible to make it a child friendly experience with books and magazines available in the reception areas and treatment rooms. Those attending who are slightly anxious will be given plenty of time to get used to the surroundings. A calm understanding manner usually gets very good results and this is what you will get at Brompton House Dental Practice.

By seeing youngsters regularly over many years we are able to assess the condition of both deciduous (milk) teeth and the adult teeth as they develop. We routinely place fluoride gel on teeth at recommended intervals as a preventative measure to make the teeth more resistant to decay. This alongside dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction go a long way to our aim of children reaching 18 years of age with a decay free healthy mouth.

There are many other aspects of preventative care that may be instigated if it is felt  necessary, such as fissure sealants to protect adult teeth and appropriate recall times will be advised for each individual.

Alignment problems may need intervention and this will be assessed and dealt with at the appropriate time. We refer to orthodontic practices in the local area and work alongside them to make sure the best result possible is obtained.

Our NHS contract enables us to see children under 18 years old on the NHS and most treatment can be undertaken free under this contract. You may be offered private treatment as an option if it is deemed appropriate and a quotation will be given before commencing with this.

Sport guards are recommended for anyone participating in sports such as rugby, hockey and any martial art or other contact sport. Whilst we cannot protect against every accident, a well fitted custom made sports guards is the best way of avoiding serious damage to your dentition. They are very simple to have made and come in a variety of colours to match sports kits or just to make a statement. This is not an NHS treatment and a quotation will be given before commencement of any  treatment.

Please ask your dentist for more details.